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The Ongoing Journey

The first opportunity I had to get behind an analog recording console was almost 30 years ago, working as an Engineer's Assistant at 'Sounds Peculiar', a modest rehearsal studio based in Watford. With a need to hone my skills as a fledgeling studio drummer, I recall being paid partly in studio downtime!

Since then, as a musician, I've been invited to some of the UK's most prestigious studios (Metropolis, Olympic, Abbey Road), recording with artists on Sony Columbia/Big Life, BBE, Irma Italy, Freerange Records London and Discerning Ear Productions.

After being deeply immersed in all aspects of sound, performance and recording, it didn't take long to realise I had transferrable skills from which others could benefit. These skills, based on combining my artistic integrity with a sensitivity of voice artist's needs, led to the creation of Mobile Audiobook Recording. It’s based on more than just delivering amazing audio of the very highest quality.

When it comes to sonics, my principles are unshakeable. As a true artist, I can help you create audio for your next project that instills emotions your audience will never forget. Get in touch for an informal chat, to see how we can make that happen.

Dean (AKA) Dino.

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